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Digitization Unit

The Digitization Unit affiliated to the Atatürk Library ensures that many resources in the library's inventory are digitally accessible in accordance with their copyrights.

Digitalization involves selecting visual or audio elements, processing and storing them in the computer, and converting them to digital codes to make them accessible. In this way, the stability, integrity, physical properties, and content of the document are preserved for future generations.

The digitization service uses a specific workflow method. Resources such as rare works, manuscripts, and newspapers, are scanned through a line scanning device. Then image processing such as cropping, cutting, and correction is completed with a special software. Finally, the data passes through a final control and is converted into various formats based on its intended use.

The data is then available to users through the library automation system. Users can access the data from within the library, or remotely, by using the catalogue scanning and filtering options in the library automation system. Only our members can benefit from this service.

Our digital archive includes nearly 300,000 resources of many different types, such as posters, albums, photographs, postcards, articles, e-books, manuscripts, and periodicals.

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