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Activity Unit

Access to cultural, artistic, and research activities is intrinsically linked to class. We know that it is not always easy or possible for people to allocate the time or budget to these activities that enable self-realization. Thus, especially under the conditions in Turkey currently, the responsibility of local governments has become critical. As a public institution, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has important duties and responsibilities paving the way for accessible culture, art, and research activities in urban life, providing these activities free of charge to Istanbul residents.

As the heir and carrier of the city’s deep-rooted history through our rich archive and collections, the Activity Unit of IMM Atatürk Library plays an instrumental role in determining the quality and quantity of this public service production.

Our libraries aim to embody the idea that access to information and cultural activities is a public right. Thus, we not only make our rich collection available for use, but also strive to offer a rich field of cultural activities to all Istanbul residents that are free and open to everyone, from workshops, to seminars, exhibitions, to round table meetings.

In line with the motto of “All the children of this city will be equal”, we create an educational, instructive, and entertaining activity calendar for all age groups in all libraries affiliated to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. We invite you to experience all our events alongside our rich archive and collection.

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