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Cataloguing Unit

The Technical Services Unit develops the collections of libraries affiliated to the IMM Directorate of Libraries and Museums. Cataloguing starts after the delivery and inspection of the books acquired through purchase and donation.

After the catalogue records are created based on the AAKK2 cataloguing rules, subject titles are given based on the Sears List of Subject Readings to ensure that the users can reach the subject they look for in the easiest way.

Classifications are done based on the DOS (Dewey Decimal Classification System) 20 system. Labels, colour bands, transparent bands, and alarms are attached to books once the cataloguing process is complete. Once in a user-friendly condition, the processed books are delivered to the relevant branch.

In this unit, the prices of purchased and donated books, which are required in the Regulation on Portable Goods, are written. The four-month registry lists and annual summary of the Atatürk Library are provided.

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